That’s a house…

Well there you go wandering along a country path and come across this…big huh? If you know Yorkshire, England, you’ll maybe know this is Wentworth. One day it may be on the map as a place to visit, a Stately home to be proud of, for those of us in Yorkshire we’re already quite proud of it.

The family built a house, then the other side of the family built another one, then the first family built bigger and better, then the second family…well you get the drift. How sad that so much money and effort and time was spent just to hack off the neighbours. The story of the family is fascinating, a book has been written about them which is still on my ‘to read’ list, Black Diamonds. Well you didn’t drop by for a history lesson, you can read the book, but I wanted to mention it.

We have a great building and park but it just makes me think of those who lives their lives around those of others.

So the moral of my tale, don’t spend your cash competing with others or trying to impress; don’t waste your time building your home bigger and better. Just give hugs and smiles to those you love, share time with those who love you and donate just a little bit to Sport Relief or a similar cause. If you don’t like or can’t afford to give to the big charities buy a sandwich and give it to a homeless person; make a busy colleague a coffee or just visit an elderly neighbour before you go shopping just incase they need something.

We can all impress the neighbours, but surely we’d all prefer to be remembered as someone who cares and not as someone with a big house who cares less.



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  1. This is exactly why I ‘downshifted’, Christie – I like to live in a home, not a house and have time to think about how I can spread a bit of kindness around. Thanks for not giving us a history lesson!

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