What should I sell?

I’ve had a look around the house for things I can sell lately. Mainly because I’d love to make some extra money, but also because there is a lot of stuff lying around that I’ll never use. So why not pop it up for sale and let someone else enjoy it. I’m struggling to figure […]


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One thought on “What should I sell?”

  1. I earn a living selling on ebay. Advice? Everything sells. Charge more than you think and make your item the solution to a problem. That way you will do less work for more money and keep everyone including the all important buyer happy. For example instead of listing a red bag list the title as ‘perfect present for your wife’s ruby wedding anniversary red bag’ Or your kids books can be listed as an ‘ideal reading aid for an 8 year old set of Roald Dahl books.’ You then place your items in a different ebay search whereby you aren’t simply one of hundred of red bags but a great red bag among hundreds of cliché anniversary naff gifts like photo frames. You can charge far more as there is little to directly compare. Works a treat. Hope this helps.

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