Why you should always carry your camera

…our memories which would form part of our social history will sit in digital libraries only until people forget their password or replace their computers…


Hong Kong Sunset
Hong Kong Sunset

I was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong recently, whilst on a quick shopping trip at the end of a long day we found a tiny little Starbucks hidden in a large shopping mall store. I squeezed into a tiny seat and looked out of the window to see this amazing view. Stunning.

HK_Warning sign
Hong Kong boat warning

I seek out little gems that are often hidden away, not the stereotypical beach shot. I spotted this sign on the ferry across the harbour. How fantastic is the technical description of ‘bitts’?

HK_wall near the harbour
Wall near Hong Kong harbour

The third one is a joy to me. In another life I will be an architect (at school I couldn’t do technical drawing as I was a girl, oh don’t get me started!) so architecture is a passion. I was thrilled to see such great design, just over my shoulder were hundreds of tourists looking out to sea, I soon rejoined them milling around the harbour on a lovely evening.

Next time you are out and about even if only on your own street, look around and see if something beautiful, unusual or just everyday catches your eye. These type of shots will remind you not just of where you have been but also the character of the place. We are good at taking shots at every opportunity nowadays on mobile devices etc. however our memories which would form part of our social history will sit in digital libraries only until people forget their password or replace their computers. I often use these quirky shots to create the backing image on pages in photo books. If you haven’t tried a photo book yet, I highly recommend it, Photobox have some good offers on. It’s great on a cold evening to snuggle up with a brew and browse through them, it can console or inspire, or both. Also, a great excuse to add to your book collection, in a very personal way.

Maybe it’s time for you to dig out some photographs, create a book and document your trip/s. One book I need to make shortly is a ‘family tree’ I intend scanning in old photographs to sit alongside recent ones. It will hopefully survive longer than me and help future generations understand who we were and what life was like ‘back in the day’.


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