Woburn Abbey v motorway services

Next time you are driving and need a ‘wee’ break or an eye opening shot of caffeine, consider getting off the sat nav, look at a map, yes a good old paper one. At this point maybe I should suggest having a passenger do this for you, or even plan in advance. Yes I know that goes against the grain for those impulsive ones amongst us, however it can pay dividends.

Instead of pulling off at the services on the joy that is known as M1 (non UK citizens imagine a very boring 3 lane carriageway with roadworks and traffic cones spread along it in the UK customary fashion) I decided to drive over to Woburn Abbey. It was easily spotted by those special and brilliant little icons on the map (paper, oh why oh why not on Sat nav) I do recall a campaign many years ago to get sat nav to tell you about historic places nearby but still have yet to find the ‘app’

This brilliant sculpture, apologies to the artist I’m not sure who you are, is just one of many gorgeous views.

The maze is great as being slightly claustrophobic it was nice to have one at waist height so I could see the exit, although not get to it! The tree planted in the 19 century (Lebanese cedar I think) just awe inspiring…

So, please, get off the highway, take five, support a heritage sight, then hit the road trip once more duly refreshed.

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