Hong Kong – an unexpected joyous city

Well, I confess I set off with a little bias against HK. I had formed an opinion of China, I know it’s wrong to do that, which was built around human rights, animal preservation (Sharks fin soup is HORRIFIC, ban it now) and pollution of large industries.

HK is  green joy.

I’m not naive enough to say it’s perfect no where is, however as a city it’s a joy to visit. I guess due to the Eastern respect for age and ageing the city seems to be accessible to all, it has much better tactile paving, audible warnings on crossings etc. In the UK we seem to make it pro cars, in HK you feel safe crossing the roads due to the helpful beeper. We were convinced it was a mechanical monkey bashing a drum every time (ask your mum)

I was very surprised at the greenness if that’s a word. The parks and green spaces were everywhere and it was a joy to see paths and even highway bridges were seemingly designed around old trees. Not like Sheffield who just chopped 100’s down to plant new ones. Here you have trees obviously much older than us thriving alongside major arterial traffic routes.

There is a huge park / zoo in the middle of the city which has animals and birds you can converse with, for free, and the park was packed with young children giggling at the wildlife freely wandering around the park.

I know I sometime travel with rose coloured glasses on, although I like to think it’s more that I see the positives in places. There is poverty and huge wealth rubbing alongside each other but in general most seemed happy with their lot. As ever in the East temples live alongside huge banking corporations.

The East have ‘quarters’ where a particular trade is based, they believe if your neighbour is prospering so will you, none of this Western ‘kill the local competition’…hence the awesome fish market

Top 5:

  1. Sunset with junks passing by
  2. The green spaces – small but numerous
  3. The Peak – truly awesome views of the arguably the best modern architecture
  4. Bruce Lee’s hand prints – he had muscular fingers!
  5. The ferry across the bay, cheap and cheerful and great views


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