Book Review – Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur, Joanna Penn

I knew I wanted a different career, I frequently said to myself ‘There must be more than this.’

Business for Authors J Penn

Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur, Joanna Penn

Book Review

Title: Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur

Author: Joanna Penn

Copyright: Joanna Penn 2014


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Blurb Extract:

Everything you need to run your business as an author. This is not a book on creativity or the craft of writing. This is not a book for hobbyists. This is a book that will take your writing into the realm of actually paying the bills. You will learn how to go from being an author to running a business as an author…’


I started out as an amateur blogger, just chatting online for fun whilst working full time. I was also studying for a degree in literature at the Open University. I knew I wanted a different career, I frequently said to myself ‘There must be more than this.

After the third redundancy, all three due to no fault of my own, I decided I’d had enough. I’d make damn sure my future career and happiness would not be in the hands of someone else or some large anonymous ‘careless‘ organisation. I completed my degree and continued with work to support my learning, in preparation for my new life. I now work at home, or a cafe, or a hotel and even the odd beach! Can’t be bad eh?

I’m a writer, blogger and home worker. One of the main resources for my new career was, and is, podcasts and You Tube video tutorials from my online mentors. Joanna Penn is the self-styled guru, acknowledged expert, in the area of self-publishing and authorpreneurship.


This book is required reading for anyone who would like to make a serious commitment to their writing as a career. It covers everything from Strategy and planning, to financials and marketing, it also has numerous helpful links to other resources. I’m not sure how these are handled in the hard copy, so maybe check that out, or buy both hard and online copies!

Recommended books:

Yes, think of it as a mainstay of your working library. I have an online copy and refer to it regularly whilst building my business and writing career.

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Business for Authors J Penn

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