Book Review – The Narrows, Michael Connelly

The stereotypical FBI agent was ineffective and egotistical which is disappointing but I guess usual for this type of novel.

The Narrows - Michael ConnellyBook Review – The Narrows, Michael Connelly

Title: The Narrows

Author: Michael Connelly

Copyright: Hieronymous Inc 2004


Blurb: Former FBI agent Rachel Walling has received the call she’s been dreading for four years…

Harry Bosch is adjusting to life in Las Vegas as a PI and a new father. He gets a call…

Plot: This book, as stated on the cover, is a sequel. I haven’t read the first book. This is another holiday book I picked up on the way around the Greek Islands.

Reasons for picking it up? I was back packing and it’s a paperback, it’s in English and I’d watched “Bosch” on TV and liked it.

I don’t like to review thrillers too heavily or analyse plot too specifically as I don’t want to spoil it for you. By the way as a total geek, don’t you just love the copyright name, it’s Bosch’s first name, genius.

Characters: Bosch, the protagonist is a great character, dark, with a past. He’s damaged and dysfunctional and I had a clear picture of him whilst reading. However be warned that could be because I watch the TV show so I attached that actor to the story I was reading, sorry.

He’s not really likeable but has a high moral backbone wanting to put right wrongs in the world whilst keeping a low profile.

He’s a military veteran, so is willing to go an extra step into the dark to solve a problem. This book includes the addition of his new, slightly or very, unexpected young child. This child has put a different light on the path he treads, so is having an effect on how he takes risks etc.

The stereotypical FBI agent was ineffective and egotistical which is disappointing but I guess usual for this type of novel. If it was set in England they would be a bumbling police officer from outside town.

Conclusion:  If you haven’t encountered the Bosch series before it’s written as the Amazon series portrays it, in a ‘Film Noire’ style. You can imagine Bogart playing the main character walking into smokey bars and quietly getting drunk. Bosch always stands on a gorgeous huge balcony as he looks out from his luxury apartment. How can he afford it? That is explained by mention of a TV show he starred in. Neat.

Recommended: Yes, very stereotypical thriller, dark, seedy and a page turner. Not the best but certainly good enough for me to say it’s on my list of recommended holiday thrillers.

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