Could I write a trilogy?


For this blog article, I was tempted to use the title “Do I want a threesome?” however as I’m trying to increase my traffic to my blog etc. I thought this may send out totally the wrong message and attract a whole ream of followers I maybe can do without! Although according to some marketing advisors any followers are better than none. Hmmm, ponder that.

For those of you who have called by before you will recall I took part in Nanowrimo in 2014 & 2015 and am taking part in Campnanowrimo in Spring 2016. SO GO GET WRITING I hear you cry, OK I will after another coffee. As all writers know a compulsory part of the process is procrastination which I’m really good at, I recognise my skills.

I realised as I discussed my plot with my beta reader that I could build a trilogy. Blimey, what a thought, I haven’t finished the first book yet, could I really build it into three engaging novels? I guess the idea came as I thought about how I would prefer to end my story and I realised as I’ve put so much effort into creating the characters I may not want to ‘kill my darlings’ (nod to William Faulkner) just yet. I guess that’s why so many writers go on to write numerous works in the same vein and why the brilliant Scandal goes on and on and on. (Shonda Rhimes is a hero of mine) Oh I wish I had such talent.

Back to my humble start, we all have to start somewhere, just grab a coffee and I’m back to the keyboard.

The image, well everyone loves a meerkat, right? Anyhow the ‘and finally’ I think my favourite trilogy must be a fairly predictable Stieg Larsson’s “girl” books I’m not that keen on the fourth one though, maybe proof of my old saying about know when to let go.

How about you, have you written or constructed a three part ‘anything’ and did it work?


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2 thoughts on “Could I write a trilogy?”

  1. Why limit yourself to a trilogy! Go for an epic series. If you think there is mileage in your characters, ride them through as many stories as you can. 🙂

    And you were right to change the title of the post!

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