Napier, Aotearoa – if only I’d had longer with you

Napier, what a joy for anyone who, like me, loves architecture.

Sadly Napier was fairly well destroyed by an earthquake in 1931.


The buildings were rebuilt in the designs of the times, hence a whole town of art deco buildings. Just one to wet your whistle here’s just one of the beautiful buildings, if you need more get your self on the bus to Napier. You won’t regret it, the parks on the seafront, the municipal buildings, the bars all are a joy to the eye. I’m sure it must be used as film locations for the era, as so many have survived and are used daily. They have embraced the feel by even designing the street signs in the deco style too.


Even my wifi hotspot of choice (McD’s) have embraced the feel. OK so their wifi failed that day but down under that became somewhat of a theme. I’d love McDonalds worldwide to adopt this placement of history within their stores, it would really enhance and add value to every store, and kids and adults would learn about their home towns a little more.


Oh faithful followers you will recall my ‘always look up and down’ mantra and it didn’t let me down. This floor tile just randomly placed on the high street inspired thoughts of wagons trains, prohibition and back street speak easies with customers drinking hooch from china cups. I guess that image is very US and movie inspired but the whole town did feel like that. In fact much of the country is reminiscent either of Scotland hills or US homesteads (even though I have yet to do US) with volcanoes and sheep.


Top 5 of Napier:


Recovery and restoration

Long beach promenade

Cheap street parking (sad but true, its important when you’re travelling)

Old and new embraced in one town that is easy on the eye


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