Noosa – why do the rich follow the hippies?

I adore Noosa! I also regret not discovering it much earlier

Noosa Coast Walk
Noosa Coast Walk   

I adore Noosa! I also regret not discovering it much earlier and missing the chance to buy a house at Noosa in the 70s. I could now rent a waterfront out at Xmas for $20000 a week. Not bad for a former hippy spot. There are a few cheaper surf shops hanging on but most are now designer ones, the most expensive bikinis ever. It’s turned into a place to be seen by rich and famous but if you look hard you can get a bargain.

Halse Lodge, Noosa
Halse Lodge, Noosa

The Noosa hostel (Halse Lodge/YHA Affiliate) is a little peaceful haven in this material world. I completely recommend it, lizards, turkeys and kookaburras galore watch whilst you eat at the lovely outdoor bar. A restaurant on site for those bored with self catering.

We walked through the national park on koala watch (take water it’s HOT!) saw none but did spot a monitor lizard and MASSIVE spider in the loo. Just as I got my camera she shot under the rim, I was informed she’s a wolf spider – no bite just a fright.

Beach footprints
Beach footprints

The views out to sea were idyllic. No dolphins this time, I am getting the impression all the wildlife is waiting for us to saunter by then they’re coming out to party. There was a path in the park, which is a true rainforest so very wild, which had a no people sign. I’m guessing all the koalas sit down there laughing and having a sneaky cigarette between the games of cards. The rain followed us here but luckily not until we left the beach at 5pm.

5 highlights of Noosa:

Lizards and bush turkeys wandering around the streets

Kayaking on the Noosa river

Walking on empty white sand beaches

Discovering a surfer hoodie made of a beach towel – genius!! Why didn’t I buy it!!

Hearing my partner shout TURTLE, it dived just as I turned round…told you they are hiding…


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