Townsville – historic stop over

PLASTIC BAGS ARE NOT GOOD!! They end up in the sea, look like jelly fish, animals and fish eat them and die.

Yachts in Townsville Harbour
Townsville Harbour

Anyone who helps such a beautiful creature fight another day deserves a heads up. A subtle reminder folks – PLASTIC BAGS ARE NOT GOOD!! They end up in the sea, look like jelly fish, animals and fish eat them and die.

A big thank you to those who do great work with turtles at Reef HQ.
Modern view of colonial architecture in Townsville
Modern view of colonial architecture

I didn’t spend long in Townsville itself, although I had time to take in some beautiful old architecture, colonialist buildings that have survived, many still in use although sadly others falling into disrepair. It looked a bit tired around the edges. The hostel was a little peaceful haven next to the main road and exactly where and when it was needed. Just a quick stopover, but worth the effort. An

Christie Adams feeding a large white bird
Birds of a feather

injection of funding is needed to bring it back to what was obviously a former glory.

We spent a day at Billabong reserve, a really engaging place, educational and hands on. If you do or don’t agree with animal reserves sadly Australia is losing so many native creatures they Sign about Ray Charles the Koalaneed all the help they can get. I discovered a total love for wombats, even more than koalas. Why are so many

Cassowary bird

prehistoric creatures being written off by, the most dangerous beast on the planet, humans?


Top 5 of Townsville:


Colonialist architecture

Reef Lodge


Reef HQ


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