Why you should visit the Whitsunday Islands!

Fear as I realised it was getting to dusk and we were swimming in waters inhabited by sharks

Whitsundays seascape from one of the many beaches around the areaFor those who follow me, you’ll have seen the shark photograph, and read the tale of me swimming over it…wow.

Whilst on a 3 night cruise on the Whitsunday’s as recommended by STA, thanks Louise, I encountered ‘my’ white tip shark, the stunning coral of Sea Eagle in flightthe reef, turtles just swimming by, so many fish you can’t count and saw numerous sea eagles. The local guide didn’t believe I’d seen a reef cod until I showed him pictures. We even spotted a whale on the way back to port.

It was a trip full of emotion:

Fear as I realised it was getting to dusk and we were swimming in waters inhabited by sharks

Hysteria, I have never laughed so much as when the see-through kayak sank with us in it

Joy at the sight of eagles nesting, on cliffs and on a post passed by every boat going out in the bay

Pain as I dipped toes in the hottest hot tub, in the world, ever

Trepidation as we watched a lemon shark and rays swim past us at the beach

Pride as I managed to swim underwater, after the shark sightingIconic views over the Whitsunday island beaches

Contentment as I sank underwater and listened to distant whale song transmitted through the crystal clear waters


Top 5 of Whitsunday Island’s:

It’s emotional


Whitehaven beach

New friends

Mother Nature at her finest

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